Pinnacle Employee
Assistance Program (EAP)

Help for you and your family

when you need someone to talk to.

   Our mission:

  • To promote the emotional well-being of individuals, families and children in the Greater Richmond area. 

Phone: Toll Free 1-800-545-9994                    Local (804) 282-3113




For Employees

Each of us experience personal problems during our lifetime. Most of the time we are able to handle these situations with the help of family and friends. Sometimes additional help is necessary, especially with issues such as:


*     Job stress

*     General stress and anxiety

*     Grief

*     Depression

*     Difficulty with relationships

*     Family and marital conflict

*     Adjustment to changes

*     Anger management

*     Substance abuse


Pinnacle EAP is an Employee Assistance Program that provides confidential counseling services and referrals to the employees of companies who contract with us. 

For Employers


Many companies choose to offer an EAP program as part of their employee benefits package. Employers who do so recognize that in addition to job responsibilities, employees are also coping with personal issues. Employers are offering a way for their employees to maintain productivity by having a resource that provides information, guidance, counseling and community referrals.


In addition to resources for employees, Pinnacle EAP has a managerial division that provides a variety of trainings, access to consultations with a counselor, crisis support, and the option to use an administrative referral. Many of the companies who contract with us use Pinnacle EAP to allow a troubled employee the chance for corrective action by requiring attendance to Pinnacle EAP counseling sessions. This process shows employees that they are a valuable part of the company and is a humanistic way to address problems at work and at home.